Monday, 29 December 2014

52week pick and mix challenge - distressed nails

Hi everyone,

I am back with another post again this is a bit late I did mean to get this up this weekend. But because of the weather my and the OH have been out with the dog enjoying the snow, nothing like a bit of snow to make my dog happy. If your not in the UK, we've had some snow and my dog LOVES it so no way were we missing out.

This weeks  Last weeks theme was grey and distressed nails. Again I have combined because I'm still sulking about my nails. This post you will see just how low I've had to chop one nail on my left hand. Think I may need to buy polish to console myself. Any suggestions on what I should get?

For this mani I used Color Club Lady Holiday, Revlon parfumerie 090 Bordeux, Finger Paints Vintage Violet and Kiko 341 Cobalt Green.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge glitter topper

Hi Guys,

So it is a quick very late post for last weeks glitter topper 52wpnmc. I'm having a big think over the next month about what I want to do with the blog. I've got alot going on over the next 4 months and I feel like the blog is suffering already. I am looking for some guest bloggers, So if you are interested in doing any nail related post just drop me an email to or drop me a line on facebook.

On with the mani I used a base of Revlon Parfumerie Beachy and W7 Red Debris.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Holo Indie polish Post Taras Talons and Enkelini

Hi everyone,

Today I am just trying to clear out my archive I have lots of photos I am wanting to get out here but finding it hard to get a schedule, so until then I am just going to do random posts as and when.

I did this mani aaaaages ago and it is a combination of 2 holo Indie polishes I got. The first one is Enkelini The grass is greener - Enkelini is no longer around which is a shame, I got this polish from a grab bag by the lovely debbie @ The Crumpet and she is currently doing some amazing grab bags,. This polish is just amazing the holo in it and the colour I don't like greens but green holos this bright are lush!

The next polish is another one I got from a mystery bag from the lovely tara @ Taras Talons. It doesn't have a name just a number 152. It is a lovely really dark blue almost black holographic polish and again just gorgeous.It is totally a one coater and dries super quick.

If you want to look round taras shop Click Here

Sunday, 14 December 2014

52 Week pick and mix challenge Red & Gold

Hi I'm back and on a weekend as well,

Today I have for you the last post in this weeks 52wpnmc. For this mani I used Nails Inc The Boltons and BarryM Gold Foil Effects.

Friday, 12 December 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge Chevrons

Hello again,

Sorry for the lack of posts but this week has been hectic. I just can't get a rest but hopefully soon I will get chance to with some time off work.

Todays' theme is chevrons, now then I thought I'd do a slight twist on chevrons and try hand drawn chevrons with a striping brush.....I know I know what made me think of doing that. Well 1 I don't have any chevrons nail vinyls :( and 2 I couldn't be bothered to make any haha!

So I sat there with my striping brush and my black nail polish and set to work.

I used Nail Inc The Boltons and Sally Hansen Lacquer shine Lustrous

Friday, 5 December 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge camouflage

Hello everyone,

A flying visit today and this week infact, I am really busy with work and just want to get this weekend and the start of next week out of the way then I can start focusing back on the blog. Sorry for being absent but just blerghhh to this time of year haha.

Any way onto the mani, Today I used Colour Club Poetic Hues, OPI Uh Oh Roll Down The Window, W7 Suede and BarryM Espresso. The theme is dark green and camouflage. I have combined them.

Monday, 1 December 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge favourite brand

Hellllo everybody,

Can you tell I'm feeling better haha. Oops I didn't realise this post hadn't been posted.

On with this last weeks final theme,  Today is all about my favourite brand and although I love BarryM polishes and I own alot, I sometimes don't like their polishes sometimes I just don't get along with them haha, one brand that I have always bought and have always been impressed with is OPI.

Friday, 28 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge - brush strokes

Good day all,

I'm back with another installment of 52wpnmc the first theme for the week is brush strokes.

I thought long and hard about this because I didn't want to do distressed nails last time I did them it failed and I just can't be bothered again so I decided I would try the waterfall mani again, I followed the tutorial that was done by sammy the nailasaurus HERE. She does awesome nail art and tutorials.

For this mani I used Nails Inc The Bolders, BarryM Gold and a no name silver. The Nails Inc polish is just gorgeous it is that lovely Christmas red and I have had so many comments about the red and how lovely it is.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge - Books & Brown

Hi all,

Sorry for the absence all week but me and my fiance and the dog went away just a little break but needed to recharge. I am back and feeling more like me. This weeks theme for the 52wpnmc is brown and books, as I am still not feeling 100% myself I combined the prompts and sort of tweaked them.

For this week I used Colour Club Poetic Hues, W7 Suede, BarryM Espresso and Color Show Brick Shimmer.

I thought I'd try and do newspaper nails, I know I know not quite a book but I don't read all I do read is the Metro on the way to work haha so this is the closest I can do.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

52 Week Pick and Mix animals wild

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week I think this will be the only one this week and I will only be doing one next week. I have been very drained and tired over the last week or so and I have got some time off work next week so I am hoping to recharge relax and get back on the band wagon.

This weeks theme is wild animals and I decided I would kill 2 birds with one stone. A month or so back I asked for any requests if people wanted me to do any nail art and the lovely Emma at Ems Little Corner suggested freehand animal print. I decided cheetah print would be a good one.

I have used W7 Hip Hop, BarryM Tangerine, W7 Suede and BarryM Matte Black.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge 3 shades of blue

Hi again everyone,

Sorry this is on the last day I've had a horrendous cold this last week and I'm wiped out.

Today for the 52WPNMC, the 2nd theme is 3 Shades of Blue. I decided I wanted to try layered stamping I got out all my plates and sat there thinking which ones would work best together and which polishes are good for stamping. I chose my polishes fiarly easily as I have lots of blue polishes I used BarryM Blueberry, BarryM Cyan and Kiko 266 Ultramarine Blue, I used BarryM white to break it up a bit. I used stamping plate Moyou London pro collection XL 06 and Cheeky plate

I tried to do different patterns on every nail.

I really like my middle and ring finger nails best check out the link below for more lovely nail art. So I am off to go and curl up in the bath because I feel horrendous and I will be back next week.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge Domestic Animal

Hi all,

This post to you today is totally about my dog my lovely Springer Spaniel Ralph. I saw the post done by MO at Pretty Quirky and I thought about how I would do ralphs face on my nails.

He has a mainly brown face and I just couldn't figure out how I would differentiate between his nose and face and eyes so I wussed out and did a side on view of him stood.

Friday, 31 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge Dark colours

Hi again,

I'm back today with the last installment for this weeks 52wpnmc this theme is dark colours. I thought I'd use 3 Different ones. I chose BarryM Plum, W7 Neptune and Taras Talons 152.

This is a picture from my phone with the flash on.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge 80's

Hi everyone,

Today is another installment of the 52wpnmc and this weeks theme is 80's I decided I would do something I loved growing up as a kid and I'd do a mani inspired by a TV show.

That TV show is married with children. I used to love this show and I'd sit there on a night laughing my head off even as a young very young child. Have you watched it? Let me know if you did because I'm sure someone will know know the TV show.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Liebster Awards

Hi Everyone,

I have been nominated by the lovely Emily at Nails must be painted for a Liebster Award. Granted this was a few weeks ago but life got hectic but now it is going back to normalish, I was totally unsure of what this was until she nominated me and now I am just so happy.

Here are the rules:
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by that person
3. Tell us 11 random facts about yourself
4. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate for a Liebster Award
5. Post 11 questions for those nominated to answer

Friday, 24 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge grey & colour

Hi everyone,

I am here to show you something new I tried for this weeks mani. I tried the amazing technique of stamping decals. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen some sneek peeks a couple of weeks ago and some of the end result. This is the image I was attempting to transfer it is from Moyou plate Pro Collection XL 06. Not a great picture I know but it was done on my phone.

 If you want to see how it ended keep reading.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge 70s

Hi everyone, 

I have for you today my first properly successful water marble.  Now I was born in the late 80's so I don't have much of an idea what patterns
were in the 70's, so I googled it and an image came up that was all sort of colours mixed together and I decided to try a watermarble.

Friday, 17 October 2014

#52 week pick and mix challenge week3 part 2

Hi guys,

I am squeezing this mani in on a Friday night. I have no real order to my posts at the minute but if you would like to see them in some sort of order let me know in the comments below I don't mind any constructive critisism :)

Todays mani on the 52wpnmc if matte or texture I combined them. I am sad to say it looks rank just not nice at all and that was me just being lazy I think. I was experimenting as well at the same time The polishes I have used are Sally Hansen Sugar Coat 500 Razzle-berry and BarryM Waikiki.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mani Swap with Rachel from The Imperfect blog

Hi everyone,

Me and rachel decided to do a mani swap after we did twinsies before. If you want to have a look at what we did click here.

We have decided to pick a mani from each others blog and recreate it. I picked something from a while back it is over a year ago and it is a blue and silver Leopard print mani. I didn't read the full blog post until a couple of days ago and I did the mani about 1 week ago I'd seen the pictures and I loved the colours.

Here is the blog post and below is the picture that I saw that caught my eye.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge week 3 60's

Hi everyone,

Todays' theme for the 52 week pick and mix challenge is 60's. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but until I started searching and asking people on Facebook about the 60's it didn't all click. I wasn't born until 1989 so it's a but before my time so hence the facebook and googling.

I keep forgetting which way round to do my colours as in oldies and untried and tri polish.  Today I used Color Club Poetic Hues as the base, BarryM Blood orange and Catrice Peach and NYC Leather and Mink.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

52 week challenge week 2 part 2 Pink

Hi everyone,

This is the 2nd prompt for this weeks 52 week challenge. this prompt is pink. I used OPI Mustang Girls Love Ponies, it is a lovely pink that I haven't tried yet it was in my untried pile. I can just say it is a dream to work with.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

52 week Pick and Mix 3 Colour Gradient

Hi everyone,

Today is the next prompt for the 52 week challenge we are in week 2 this week. This prompt is a 3 colour gradient. I used Catrice Charleston FA, BarryM Pomegranate and BarryM Plum.

I loved this mani it turned out perfectly.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pastel Mani

Hi again,

I am back again. I have for you today something I did that got featured in the Coloristiq promo video. They are a new brand that is going to be launching in the next couple of weeks. What they will be doing is basically like a nail polish version of Netflix you can rent full size bottles of nail polish. You can try out the new collections from various brands such as OPI, CHINA GLAZE and MORGAN TAYLOR see if you like them you have to return the bottles but it gives you an idea if you like the polishes rather than buying a bottle you don't like for full price. If you want to have a quick look at their website CLICK HERE

Anyway onto the nail art. I have gone dotty crazy these last couple of weeks but I have had this one brewing for a while. I was inspired by a cup at work haha. I tried to recreate the pattern it didn't go exactly to plan but I like the way it did come out.

The polishes I used were Color Club poetic Hues, BarryM atlantic Road, Sally Hansen 409 Good to Grape, Nail Inc Udderly shocking pink and BarryM GreenBerry.

Friday, 3 October 2014

52 Week challenge Week1 part 2

Hi all,

This is the 2nd prompt of this 52 week challenge Pick n Mix. The prompt for today is Teal. I only have one teal polish so my choice wasn't that hard really. The teal I have is the BarryM Teal and I decided I couldn't just have it plain old teal.

It needed a bit of jazzing up so I had a trawl through my draws of polishes and upon trying to destash I found I had a few dupes and then I looked again OK so Nails Inc have 2 Holographic polishes one is called Abbey Road and the other is called Electric Lane. They look exactly the same exept Electric Lane is called a Holographic top coat and Abbey Road is a Holographic Polish. Now I want you to have a look at the bottles and you tell me which is which because I can't tell a flippin' difference.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pick and Mix Week1 of 52

Hi everyone,

Today is the start of a new 52 week pick and mix challenge brought to you by the lovely Debbie at the Crumpet. That is all I am going to tell you about the challenge if you want to join in, head over to facebook and looks for crumpets nail tarts, there is where you will find all the details and the inlinkz and all the info you need.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Share the love

Hi everyone,

It is a lovely Sunday afternoon and I thought what better time to do my share the love post. A few of us nail girlies decided that we need to share the love within the nail community. It was Jenni's idea from Nail art Novice and I think it is a great idea. And what better to do on a Sunday than surf the web looking at blogs.

Without further ado here are some fab blogs. Please visit them and don't forget you can follow me all my links are at the top and bloglovin' is at the side ---->

Jenni @ Nail Art Novice
She is just beginning into the world of nail art and is coming on leaps and bounds. Her link is below with a few pictures

Elanor @ Elanors Nails
Elanor is a fellow polish addict. She has amazingly long nails which I am jealous of and she does amazing nail art. 

Tracey @ Bite no more
She was a fellow nail biter like me but our love of nail polish has stopped us and look at some of the amazing things she has created, she is amazing at water marbling wish I was that good.

Morvan @ Pretty Quirky
She does amazing nail art and makes fab nail polish herself. I wish I had the time for that. I had to post the spaniel nail art because I have a spaniel too and they are just the best dogs.

Enigmatic Rambles
She is amazing at nail art and her blog doesn't just feature naila rt it is other beauty products too. Look at that gradient with stamping gorgeous.

Simona @ Light your Nails
Simona is a lovely lady who is based in Italy. She is all about the polish like all us girls and translates her blog into english and italian AMAZING!

So head on over to their blogs say hi, don't forget you can follow everyone via their social media even me

Thursday, 25 September 2014

YOOMOO Nail art competition

Hi all,

Today is meant to be Golden Oldie Thursday but because I lined up my dates wrong, I got confused and didn't do a mani because of the new challenge that will be starting so I am going to share with you today the mani I have done for the YOOMOO nail art competition.

If you haven't seen or heard about this I will give you some brief details. It is a nail art competition made by Nails Inc and Yoomoo, You have the chance to win some Nails Inc nail polish, a Nails Inc manicure voucher or a £1000 holiday. Last time they ran this I won a Nails Inc Polish and a Nails Inc mani which I am booked in to use in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tri Polish Challenge

Hi all,

Today is the Tri Polish Tuesday again and I think this might be my last mani as it currently is.

I managed to use all my colours on this mani and even an extra one for a bit of extra sparkle. I used BarryM Teal, Primark P.S. Lilac, Colour Club Lady Holiday, a no name silver polish and I used a holographic navy blue/black from taras talons.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday Burnt Orange/Copper

Hi all,

I have for you the penultimate Golden Oldie Thursday challenge mani. I do have something that will be replacing it but I'm going to keep you guessing for now what it is.

Todays colour theme is burnt orange/copper I only really have one Copper colour and that is Maybelline Color Show. I have had this since I can't remember when at least 2 years I would say. It is called Brick Shimmer. It is a perfect copper colour it is almost a one coater but I did a 2nd coat just to cover all the nail.

(me trying to take a picture without showing you my nails that will be up soon on the blog)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tri polish tuesday

Hi all,

This time next week we will be starting a new challenge called the pick and mix. It is going to be good I will share the details with you asap. So this is the last tri polish challenge or is it?

I have used all 4 colours this month I used Primark P.S. Lilac, BarryM Teal, Color Club Lady Holiday and a no name silver polish.