Saturday, 2 August 2014

International Nail Art Day 2014

Hi everyone,

Today is International Nail Art day so what better occasion to do your nails right!

Today I am doing nail art that is heavily inspired by Emma from Ems little corner, she does amazing nail art. Head over here to her blog.

I decided I would do something a bit special and when I thought special I thought magical, magical to Disneyland & Disneyland to pixies (that was my train of thought). I had some nail art stickers and some studs that I got a bit back from Charlies nail art supplies here in England and I wanted to finally try them out. Charlie is a super quick shipper ordered one day here the next and with a free gift which I didn't even realise I was getting and she ships internationally.

This is what I created

I really like this mani and I hope I can keep it on for a couple of days because I just love the cute little pixie. I used OPI This gown needs a crown, BarryM Blue Grape, Primark polish - no name and Color Club Poetic Hues. The studs and pixie stickers I got from Charlies Nail Art.

Have you done any special nail art today?


  1. Why thank you! I love this even more now I have seen all the photos!

    1. Thank you this mani was adorable while it was on