Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm backkkkkk

Well hello everyone I'm back,

It's has been like a none stop carousel these last few months but I'm feeling good a little drained but more like myself. 

What has been going on with me over the last 6 months? ......

I got married, I've been doing training for work and my new job, work has been none stop and general life really. I've been trying to get a more work life balance but anyone that knows me will understand how hard that has been and why this may have slipped down my list of priorities over the last few months.

Now I'm starting getting back to normality I'm going to post as and when I can on here and on my Facebook and Instagram. So please follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get the most up to date stuff from me.

I will be on and off you may hear nothing from me for a week or two then get a small update or a lot of updates. It all just depends on how tired and stressed I am unfortunately. 

I've been looking after my nails more and trying to give them some TLC. I've only been doing my nails once or twice a week and generally when I have some spare time. 

What have you been up to in the last 6 months? What polishes have you bought? Have you been caught up in the mentality madness? Are you looking forward to the next season and planning your next seasons manis?

What can you expect from my next post?...........

I bought some indie polishes and can't stop wearing them I also bought some Color Club stuff so I am getting my use out of these and then I may dip my toes back into a challenge. I will see how it goes.

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