Thursday, 3 September 2015

Indies and new polishes I love


I thought this post would be a good idea with all that has been going on with Mentality, Seche and Nubar over the last couple of weeks. I bought some indie nail polish a few weeks ago and wanted to share this with you as I've barely stopped wearing them.

I honestly can't believe this has happened and I am shocked this has happened to fellow bloggers. I will not be commenting on who did what, what might have caused it. All I know is we all need to know how this happened so we can make sure this doesn't happen again. The sooner this is done the better.

Now on with more positive things.

The Nail Polish.

The polishes I bought was Glam Polish Bam! Fancy gloss Blue Lagoon and Polish me silly Periwinkle Twinkle. You may remember my favourite colour is blue so no surprise these are around that. My nail art with these polishes will come in the next post.

I bought all these polishes from Rainbow Connection.

The first one that I opened was Periwinkle Twinkle by Polish me Silly. It is a thermal polish that goes from a lovely periwinkle colour when cold to white when warm. It has blue, purple and neon green glitter hexes varying from tiny to quite big in the bottle. When applied the polish is lovely and smooth the glitter doesn't clump and applies evenly. It dries with an almost matte appearance. It took me three light coats to get full coverage.

(All pictures taken in natural light with top coat Color Club Clear)

The next bottle I have is Blue lagoon by Fancy Gloss. This polish is a deep blue holographic polish. It goes on in one coat. Could possibly take 2 if needed but I didn't need it. All i can say is yum at his polish it is so pigmented and so holographic I can't believe it. It just pops off the nail at you. The polish goes on smooth and the brush is easy to use.

(All photos taken with natural light and with Color Club Clear topcoat also sorry about the poor nail shape this is my Cinderella hand and it is a bit battered and bruised lately)

The last one I have for you I actually got this out of the package and I gasped because I didn't think teal could look sooooo pretty. It is BAM! by Glam Polish. All I can say is WOW and I know why it is called BAM! I just couldn't stop staring at my nails. This polish took 2 coats but it was heaven to apply. The colour and the holo are there in abundance. The teal is lovely and summery and bright. When the sun hits the holo it smacks you in the face.

(All photos taken in natural light with Color Club Clear topcoat)

The next post is all nail art I did with these using the ZAP skin protector from Rainbow connection (P.S. if you want mess free nail art pick this stuff up!)

I will be buying more of each of these polishes because I haven't been bowled over with polish like this in a LONGGGGG time.

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